What Number Hit Most in Roulette?

  • Feb 25, 2022

Which number hit most in roulette is a challenging question to answer. The reason is that roulette is a game of guessing — it's one of the most random games that you will find at online casinos. So you can't actually know the next number that will hit after spinning the roulette wheel.

How Random Number Works?

Before we look at the number that hit most, it'll make sense to introduce you to how randomness influences the result of the roulette game. It's called standard deviation in mathematics. In the European version of the game, you will come across 37 numbers, so we expect each number to have an equal chance of showing after a spin.

As a game of luck, certain numbers can be chosen more than others. The lesser the sample results that you consider, the greater the variance. For instance, toss a coin 5 times, and you could get 4 tails and 1 head. Toss the same coin 10 million times, and you might get 5 million heads and tails.

How to Identify the Number that Hit Most in Roulette?

Several experiments have been carried out on the game of roulette spins. Following these tests, out of 80 billion spins, the number that hit the most had a 27.5% rate of showing. So if we considered the rate in relation to the number of spins, we would agree that it's not high odds.

The reason for this is due to the volatility and complete randomness of the roulette game. This is why the game is globally popular among online casino players — the unknown factor does create excitement when playing. However, there are some tips that you can use to know the number that hit the most.

Roulette Wheel Clocking

Roulette wheel clocking is a process where you take note of the numbers that keep showing over several spins. You can gather a large sample outcome to determine which number hits most. The more the sample you gather, the more accurate your prediction will be. You can make use of free roulette games or casino bonuses.

Roulette players can also adopt the wheel clocking strategy when they play at a traditional casino. When using this strategy, you need to focus on the roulette wheel and avoid any distractions. From the numbers you gather, you will see that some numbers hit more than others. Then you can start betting on them.

Most and Least Popular Numbers in Roulette Game

Every Roulette player has favorite numbers that they place bet on. Though this does not affect your winning chance, you can bet on them if you want to — it all depends on your risk level. One of the lucky numbers in roulette is 17 black, which is at the central position on the table.

Another lucky number in roulette is 7. Being the most popular number in lotto games, we guess it retains its status in roulette also. Additionally, certain cultures see the number as lucky. Another number to consider is 8 black, which is considered the luckiest number in Asian cultures. You should also consider betting on 11 black.

Additional Information and Final Verdict

While players have favorite numbers that they bet on, there are some numbers they try to avoid betting on. One of the least popular numbers in roulette is 13 black, which is considered the unluckiest number. Another unlucky roulette number is 0 green, and 00 green is the bad number in American Roulette.

When asked about the numbers that hit most in roulette, the best answer is we don't know. Roulette is a game of luck, and the next spins do not depend on the previous spins. All number on the wheel has equal chances of showing up after a spin. Playing free roulette can help you understand the game better.

Which Roulette number hits most?